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PEPE6900 is the most famous meme of all time. The frog has been reaching every corner of the earth, and is a symbol for so much. PEPE6900 is a proof of the true power of meme magic, thanks to the power of anonymous communities and meme enthusiasts.
It's time to take the power back, and show the world the true power of the $PEPE6900 Army.

It's time for a $PEPE6900 which encourages the true vision of meme magic and decentralized finance.
This is the real $PEPE6900. A Pepe which is by the community, for the community.

According to the true philosophy of DeFi and memecoins, it is traded on the open market, where everyone is treated the same way. Everyone can buy and sell however they'd like, with no restrictions.
$PEPE6900 has ABSOLUTELY NO blacklisting of ANY buyer.
$PEPE6900 NO taxes.
There is NO centralized owner of the $PEPE6900 contract.
The liquidity pair of $PEPE6900 is BURNT (Sent to 0xdead), ensuring no one can ever hurt the community by removing it.

This is the true $PEPE6900, which encourages community, memetic warfare against normies and financial freedom following the philosophy of DeFi.


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